Our organization is only as great as our Policy Experts, and we have
worked to hire and retain industry experts dedicated to the success of
our clients.
Our Policy Experts
John T. Adams: Associate

Reena Agrawal: Associate

Marlene Alva: Associate

Rashid Alvi: Associate

John D. Amorosi: Partner

Daniel Anderson: Associate

Julie E. Anderson: Associate

Kenneth L. Anderson: Associate

Nicolaus Ascherfeld: Associate

Frank J. Azzopardi: Associate
John B. Gaffney:  Associate

Iris Gafni-Kane: Associate

Ross B. Galin: Associate

Jodi B. Ganz: Associate

Manuel Garciadiaz:  Associate

Sonia L.R. Garner:  Associate

Sam Young Garrett:  Associate

Rafal Gawlowski: Counsel

Timothy Geller:  Associate
American Civics Institute
Nonprofit, nonpartisan research
organization that helps improve
policy and decision making
through research and analysis.
Our Policy Experts
At ACI, we bring
together the finest
researchers in the
world and utilize the
very best analytical
tools and methods to
develop objective
policy solutions. We
deliver fact-based,
actionable solutions
grounded in rigorous
analysis. ACI is
nonpartisan and
committed to the
public interest.